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MSC Integration, headquartered in Sacramento, Serves the Entire US

MSC Integration is a leading security service provider based in the Sacramento area but servicing the entire United States. For several years, we have been providing business owners in Sacramento and nationwide with loss prevention methods and protection products. Our daily goal is to provide the most professional installations and services of security cameras, remote access, access control systems, video surveillance systems, and custom security alarms for all applications. We aim to become the leading service provider of custom surveillance systems nationwide by exceeding our client’s expectations of service and professionalism. MSC Integration is building toward “Protecting the lives of thousands, one location at a time.”

With several years of experience, MSC Integration has serviced several hundred commercial locations nationwide. We can create a secure environment at your property by installing an indoor and outdoor surveillance system. We are fully equipped and educated to install a system of any size, and we install anything from a 4-channel system to a 100-channel system.

MSC Integration is there to provide professional design and advice when installing your new system, Such as the best places and angles to install your cameras and DVR. We can integrate several locations and systems, allowing users to monitor multiple locations easily.

MSC Integration is an innovative security provider, bringing cutting-edge custom technology to your office. We bring the future of security to customers and have made it as easy as a click of a button. With effective and easy-to-use top-of-the-line technology, MSC Integration brings the ‘everyday’ office into a new dimension. 

We are providing you with the peace of mind and sense of security you deserve. With years of experience and knowledge in security and cameras, we have learned how valuable a surveillance system is and the peace of mind it creates. You deserve the best protection. With MSC Integration, we strive to ensure you get the best service and products available. MSC Integration is the solution to your every security need!

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