Security Cameras

MSC Integration sets up every kind of modern security camera technology – from the simplest to the most complex – for your security, so you don’t miss anything around you.

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Access Control

Whether you need key FOBS, cards, biometric systems, credential readers, electronic door locks, control boards, and so on to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. MSC Integration has them all!

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MSC Integration takes home and office security seriously. We know how to secure alarm systems around your high-value asset zones and provide tools to monitor them from one location.

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Live Video Monitoring

The experts at MSC Integration diligently install tech to transmit high-definition, real-time surveillance footage of every critical area to you.

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Cloud Solutions

You can trust MSC Integration to build and maintain self-managed cloud storage systems that keep data safe and available with the touch of a button. Contact us to know more about cloud storage.

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Product Lines

One of the primary reasons for the praise we receive is that MSC Integration offers a wide range of the latest technology in security systems that fits every kind of need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm systems are a wise investment for your home or business. They can give you peace of mind knowing that your property is protected.

An access control system can also be used to track the movements of individuals within a facility. This information can be valuable for security purposes, as it can help to identify patterns of behavior or potential security threats. Additionally, this information can be used for other purposes such as marketing or building maintenance.

A silent alarm is an alarm that does not make any noise when it is triggered. This can be useful when you don’t want to alert the burglar that the alarm has been activated. Silent alarms are typically used in businesses rather than homes.

Most people are familiar with security, but access control is a less well-known term. Access control systems are designed to regulate access to premises or information. There are many different types of access control systems. Still, they all have the same primary goal: to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the areas or information they are supposed to. There are several benefits of using an access control system, including:

Improved security: By only allowing authorized individuals to access certain areas or information, you can significantly enhance the security of your premises or data. This is especially important in sensitive data centers or government buildings.

Cloud-based access control is a type of access control that uses the cloud to store and manage data. This type of access control can be used to manage physical access control systems as well as logical access control systems.