Security Cameras

MSC Integration sets up every kind of modern security camera technology – from the simplest to the most complex – for your security, so you don’t miss anything around you.

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Access Control

Whether you need key FOBS, cards, biometric systems, credential readers, electronic door locks, control boards, and so on to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. MSC Integration has them all!

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MSC Integration takes home and office security seriously. We know how to secure alarm systems around your high-value asset zones and provide tools to monitor them from one location.

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Live Video Monitoring

The experts at MSC Integration diligently install tech to transmit high-definition, real-time surveillance footage of every critical area to you.

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Cloud Solutions

You can trust MSC Integration to build and maintain self-managed cloud storage systems that keep data safe and available with the touch of a button. Contact us to know more about cloud storage.

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Product Lines

One of the primary reasons for the praise we receive is that MSC Integration offers a wide range of the latest technology in security systems that fits every kind of need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use a smartphone for access control. There are a variety of apps that can be used for this purpose, and many access control systems are compatible with smartphones.

IP Surveillance cameras, also known as network cameras or megapixel cameras, are digital video cameras that transmit data over a computer network. Unlike analog CCTV cameras, IP cameras encode and compress digital video before sending it over the network.

Most IP surveillance cameras use the Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) or H.264 compression format. M-JPEG compresses individual frames, while H.264 compresses video streams over time. H.264 provides better compression than M-JPEG and is, therefore, more efficient in terms of bandwidth and storage requirements.

Common cloud security risks include data breaches, Denial of Service attacks, and account hijacking.

A video capture card is a piece of computer hardware that enables a computer to process and store video footage from an analog or digital source. Video capture cards are used in various applications, including security surveillance, video editing, and live streaming.

The type of access control your business needs will depend on various factors, such as the size of the facility, the type of business, and the level of security required. Additionally, it is vital to consider the available access control systems and how they can be integrated with other systems.