Advanced Video Analytics for Enhanced Security: Part 2 - Proactive Alerts and Notifications

In this two-part blog series, we’re highlighting how analytics are delivering a higher level of awareness and insight. Here we take a closer look at how MSC Integration's video surveillance systems are leveraging advanced video analytics to enhance our customers’ security. Proactive alerts and notifications play a big part in that.

Our video surveillance systems are equipped with advanced analytics. As we pointed out in Part 1, they’re being used for a wide variety of applications, including motion detection, facial recognition, object tracking and detection, and more. And because analytics can detect when someone enters an area that’s off limits, whether it's a restricted zone or a sensitive area, our systems can recognize that and instantly send alerts to security personnel. The result? A faster and more effective response to unauthorized access attempts.

Loitering detection capabilities are also an attractive benefit for many end users. This video surveillance analytic is being put to good use in a variety of ways. It can, for example, generate an alert when someone or something stays in a designated area for an extended length of time. Loitering detection can also spot suspicious behavior like unauthorized people sitting or standing in certain areas. It’s also being used to prevent cars from parking longer than expected in specific spots.

In addition to monitoring for unauthorized access, our systems can also detect and alert security personnel to instances of camera tampering. After all, what good is recording video for safety and security purposes if that footage is vulnerable to tampering? Criminals often try to destroy or turn off surveillance cameras to cover up their crimes and undermine investigations.

Camera tampering detection analytics can protect your people, property, and assets; they send automatic alerts when someone attempts to move or block a camera’s view, or the image is being interfered with and altered. Our video tampering detection capabilities are being widely adopted to help safeguard the integrity of camera feeds.

So regardless of how a camera is being tampered with, whether it's being blocked, covered, or moved, our systems will send immediate alerts to notify security teams of potential security threats. This proactive approach provides an added level of protection and enables businesses to maintain continuous surveillance and prevent disruptions to their security operations.

The abiity to respond to and resolve incidents swiftly, prevent crimes, monitor traffic patterns, and keep a vigilant eye on vulnerable areas are just some of the benefits that our video surveillance systems with advanced video analytics offer. Increasingly more businesses and enterprises are leveraging advanced analytics capabilities to strengthn their security posture and better protect their assets. MSC Integration is a trusted partner in delivering video surveillance solutions that empower users to safeguard their premises and assets with confidence. Call on us today to learn more about how our advanced video analytics offerings can help your organization.

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